Our Services

Resindo provides a range of services as listed, both direct to our Clients, Third Party Consultants and Contractors.

Resindo works in dual languages for effective communication; Indonesian and English. This ensures we provide the highest level of service to our National & International Clients and maximizes local supplier and contractor opportunities for participation in projects throughout the country.

Project & Construction Management & Engineering for Metals, Minerals, Coal, Power Plant Development and Oil & Gas

Ø Project Development, Project & Construction Management, EPCM
Ø Feasibility Studies, Engineering, Design Drafting, Shop Drawings
Ø Minerals , Metals & Coal Plant Infrastructure, Process Plant Detail
Ø Bulk Materials Handling, Crushing , Stacking & Load Out Systems
Ø Coastal & River Port Design & Development; Bulk & Container Handling
Ø Hydro, Coal , MFO & Gas Power Generation
Ø Oil & Gas Infrastructure; Structures, Fuel Farms, Piping Systems
Ø Greenfield Developments & Brownfield Expansions
Ø Steel Fabrication Management 
Ø Operations
Ø Plant Efficiency Improvement